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The Golfaballs – Fantasy Children’s Golf Adventure Book

The story of the magical GolfaBalls will have your child gripped from the start – and trust me many adults who’ve read the book say they couldn’t put it down!

It’s a fun filled fantasy where good overcomes bad and along the way we learn that life is like a game of golf – among other things cheating never prospers.


The ancient golf course of Newsome Comyn and its surrounding forest is under threat from developers. The nasty developer, who is also the British golf champion agrees to decide the fate of the beautiful place and indeed the Hellory family home, over a game of golf.

The British champion could not possibly lose against a child – could he?

Step forward 10-year-old Oscar Hellory who finds himself in the midst of cheering crowds, in the company of golf superstar Tiger Forest Junior playing in the toughest and most tense golf match he could ever have imagined.

Can he possibly overcome all the odds and save the day?

With his own exceptional golfing talent and a little help from the amazing GolfaBalls and their unique individual magical attributes, find out for yourself why this is the golf match the locals dubbed “the game of the century!”

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PC Presto the Magic Policeman

    PC Presto the Magic Policeman is my latest children’s character.
    His first three adventures are available in one fun packed book on all eBook formats and paperback.
    PC Presto is a bumbling British bobby who manages (somehow) to solve crimes and catch the bad guys using his magic tricks – and with more than a little bit of help from his trusty sidekicks!
    There’s his faithful and very smart police dog Sarge, Softly and Softly the magic doves and Peeler the rabbit!

    pc presto the magic policeman

    The book is available at both Amazon and Lulu in both Kindle and eBook format and indeed paperback.

    The PC Presto eBook has now been published on PayHip and you get a nifty 10% off if you share it on social media!

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